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Some of the most frequent questions we are asked are regarding either failed registrations or the lack of a verification email. Please see some of the most common questions and their solutions below.

Please read these points before contacting us, most problems are addressed here and will save you time.

The most common question we are asked, is when golfers try and log in and they are told the email address isn't recognised, then they try and register and are told the player is already registered.

This is usually because since last using the site, you have changed your email address.  We do not recognise your new one, and the player record held on HowDidiDo is registered to your old one.  If you think this is the case, click the button below.

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I have registered with the wrong email address.

If you have typed an incorrect address, maybe with out a dot between the name or rather than .com, you will not have received a password because we will be emailing it to the wrong address. You can click here to re-register again with the correct email address.

I’ve changed my email address since registering.

If you know your old email address, and password, you can easy log in to the site and change it by clicking here.

If you can't gain access to the site, click here and we will help you correct your details.  We will use your mobile phone number as verification and normally text you a message with a code to help gain access.

When I try and register I'm told 'player already registered'.

Two reasons for this, firstly you may have registered and used the service previously, if you think this might be the case click here and enter your email address and we will send you a link to reset your password.  If you registered with a different email address and maybe you can't gain access to that account, click here and we will help you correct your details.

Otherwise another member with the same or similar name to yourself has linked his registration to your player record. If the above fails please click here, choose Technical Fault and contact us with as much information as possible.

I haven't received my verification email.

We find that the vast majority of customers not receiving email verification, have one of two problems.

  1. If you think it maybe possible that you typed your email address incorrectly during registration (common mistakes are,,,, Please click here to re-register and pay extra attention to the email address boxes.
  2. Sometimes due to the vast number of emails we send we are incorrectly seen my internet companies as spam. So please check your spam filter or Junk Folder.

We can automatically send this email again, try to log in and you will be given the option of sending again.

If you feel that you have tried the above and you are still experiencing problems please contact by clicking here and choosing Technical Fault.

I can't get past step 2 of the registration process.

After filling out your personal details and choosing your club, you click next to proceed to part two of the registration process. Here we ask you to select from a list of name matches. This connects you with the data held at the club. Select your name from the list, remembering that there may only be one matching record. Not until you have selected that name will your registration continue.

When I try and log in I'm taken back to the log in screen.

If you are sure you are inputting the right email address and password and you are not getting an error message then this is usually because you have cookies disabled. When you log in to our site we 'drop' a number of cookies on to your hard disk so that our website doesn't need to keep asking you questions. One for instance records your news and weather preferences.

If we can not create a cookie we can not check to see if you are logged in or out. Therefore we keep asking you to log in. Please check in your browser for this setting. To check this is the problem try to log in on another computer.

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