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How does HowDidiDo work?

If your club's officials are using CLUB2000® to run the club’s competitions and calculate your handicap, it will automatically publish the latest results, handicap list and course statistics when each competition is closed and results printed.

If the club is connected to the internet via a permanent connection such as ADSL or DSL that is probably all they will need to do. If not, they can backup the software and restore it on to a computer that does have a connection. CSiCare®, CLUB2000® technical support team are always happy to help them with that.

CLUB2000® then uses a secure http connection to put the relevant data on our servers. Programs on those servers then manipulate that data into the correct format for you to view it. That process can take anything between a few seconds and a couple of hours, dependant on the time when they are sent. Monday mornings and Saturday and Sunday evenings are the busiest, as this is when most clubs are using the service.

After that process we then check to see if any players in that competition are AWAY players (players that have their handicap administered at a different club). If so, we attempt to send that score to the correct club so that they may make any amendment to their member’s handicap. If both clubs use CLUB200® and HowDidiDo® then the process is completely automatic.

Adjustments to Away Players handicaps will only be visible here when the home club next publish their handicap lists.

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