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HowDidiDo Channels and Homepage Widgets

HowDidiDo is divided into a number of channels for ease of navigation and use.  Some relate to your game or your club, others are more generic such as News, Weather and Forums.

Each channel also has a corresponding customisable 'Widget' which can be added to your personal homepage, and brings you live feeds of the content and information you want.

When you log in to the site you will be taken to your personalised homepage. You can add 'Widgets' to this page by clicking the + or – symbol on the right next to the channel for the Widget you wish to add. Once that Widget is on your homepage you can edit the settings for it by clicking on the small down arrow on the title bar. You can then drag and drop that Widget anywhere on your homepage.

Settings for these Widgets are held in a cookie on your hard disk.  If for any reason you delete your cookies your homepage will be reset.

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